Finca Trebolillos – Marsellesa


Our project is located in a natural reserve, it ia biodynamic coffee farm in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico, with a vision of sustainability and community development.

Finca Trebolillos  is a vibrant and inclusive project aimed at preserving and nurturing the cloud forest by creating a productive, biodynamic, and regenerative ecosystem centered around shade-grown coffee. With over 200 years of tradition and cultural significance, Finca Trebolillos has become an integral part of the Coatepec basin in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. It has not only shaped the identity of the region but also fostered a deep sense of belonging within the community.

Who are we?

For over two centuries, our family has upheld a cherished tradition since 1808, cultivating high-quality specialty coffee in the midst of a magnificent cloud forest within the territory of La Orduña. Our story began with our great-grandfather Juan, followed by our grandfather Antonio, and our father Enrique. Today, it is our privilege as women to carry on this legacy.


Amidst  the  enchanting beauty of  orange blossom  flowers, we  have persevered through hard work and faced the challenges of an evolving agricultural landscape. Now, a new generation emerges, led by three sisters, determined to continue this cherished tradition. With a renewed environmental consciousness and a deep commitment to land stewardship and product excellence, we embraced organic farming practices in 2012. Our dedication was recognized in 2017 when we achieved  and  have  maintained  Ecocert  certification.  Additionally,  we have embraced  biodynamic  practices,  and  we  anticipate  obtaining Demeter certification for our estate by 2024.

About us

Our  team  consists  of  highly  skilled  professionals, well-versed  in  the meticulous processes of coffee processing and roasting, ensuring each cup delivers an exquisite taste experience.

Our ultimate goal is to make a meaningful contribution to both the coffee industry and the coffee culture by consistently elevating quality standards, we aspire to create moments of pure delight for coffee enthusiasts. Furthermore, we remain steadfast in our commitment to preserving and nurturing the land, while conducting our business in a fair and sustainable manner.

Biodynamic preparations, Community, Education, Reforestation, protection of  native bees. Community, Education.

Special Characteristic

Organic coffee with biodynamic practices.

Cultivation location:La Orduna, Coatepec, Veracruz
Owner:Alejandra Martínez Gama
Coffee cultivation area:42 hectars
Alttitude (above sea level):1,100
Harvest time:February, March
Coffee varietal:Marsellesa
Certification:Organic certification for Europe


Alejandra Martínez Gama
Directora General

Elizabeth González
Gerente de ventas
Whatsapp: 5555095797

IG finca.trebolillos
Whatsapp: +525555095797
Address: Calle Fco. I. Madero 15, Col. Tlalpan Centro, C.P. 14000, Ciudad de México, CDMX.